Private Sales

Private Sales


Consigning your items to be sold privately by Mealy's is a simple way to sell items and can be beneficial for several reasons:

- Discretion: Public auctions are by their very nature public. Private sales are useful when discretion is imperative, as can be the case for many reasons.
- Fees: Commissions and terms for private sales are negotiable due to the fact that there are less direct costs associated with private sales than public auctions.
- Possession: In many cases, the object for private sale does not need to be physically located at Mealy's offices. Once the item has been photographed and described, the item can remain in the owner's possession until such time as a suitable buyer purchases at the asking price, or presents an offer.
- Moderation: Public auctions have a sense of urgency relating to the sale of an item that is not a feature of private sales. Ample time is afforded to waiting for the right price, negotiations, etc.
- Target Market: Private sales can be favourable in situations where the vendor would like the item(s) or collection to be purchased by an organ of state, such as museums, galleries, and universities due to, for instance, their national significance or cultural importance. Mealy's is happy to negotiate such agreements on your behalf, produce private tender documentation, and assist in the process throughout. Such items would not be featured in the online gallery.




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