Private Sales


Guide to buying via Mealy's Private Sales

Buying privately from Mealy's online gallery could not be easier. Its just like purchasing from a shop, the only difference is that we are brokering the sale for a private client. Items shown in our online gallery are fully described, illustrated and include a suggested price. Browse through image slideshows, or search for specific key words. Once you have found an item that you would like to purchase, and if you are happy with the price quoted, you can add the item to your cart and proceed to the checkout.

The buyer's premium is included in the quoted price. If you would like to purchase, but feel the price is too high for you, you can make an alternative offer  by contacting our offices. Our representatives will be happy to present your counter-offer to the client.

Once payment is complete, the item will be available for collection. Storage fees will not activate for seven working days following your purchase. If you have something specific in mind, but don't see it on our site, why not fill out our wishlist form. We can then research items available on the market that match your criteria and assist you with acquiring same.