Mealy's is an avid supporter of charity work in all its forms and make best efforts to support charities in any way we can. We believe that strong support of one well deserved charity organisation can significantly outweigh the benefit of spreading our support thinly across multiple organisations. As such, our principal charity partner is The Scoop Foundation, a registered Irish charity, on whose board Mr. George Gerard Mealy sat from 2009 to 2014. Mealy's also organise and oversee the charity contemporary art auctions that have yielded a significant portion of the Scoop's annual income. Mealy's have raised over €120,000 over the last seven years in aid of SCOOP projects in Cambodia, India, and Syria.


Left to Right - Calvin Sweeney (SCOOP director), George Gerard Mealy and Andy Sweeney (SCOOP founder & CEO),

pictured having raised €17,000 at the SCOOP debut contemporary art auction in Pygmallion, South William Street, Dublin in 2009



Scoop: Support Children Out Of Poverty

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